Bear Cubs

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A Cub Scout who has completed second grade (or is age 9) works on twelve achievements out of the Bear book to earn the Bear badge. To earn the Bear badge, a Cub Scout must complete 12 achievements out of a possible 24 that are offered in the book. The achievements are grouped in four major areas, GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY, and SELF. Within each group, a required number of achievements must be completed, as indicated below. Just like in the Wolf Rank, once the Bear rank has been earned, a Bear Cub Scout may work on electives until he crosses over to the next rank. Also, any achievements that he does NOT use to earn the Bear Badge may be used.

1. Ways We Worship
2. Emblems of FaithCOUNTRY (Do THREE)

3. What Makes America Special?

4. Tall Tales

5. Sharing Your World With Wildlife

6. Take Care of Your Planet

7. Law Enforcement is a Big Job



8. The Past is Exciting and Important

9. What’s Cooking?

10 .Family Fun

11. Be ready!

12. Family Outdoor Adventure

13. Saving Well, Spending Well



14. Ride Right

15. Games, Games, Games!

16. Building Muscles

17. Information Please

18. Jot it Down

19. Shavings and Chips

20. Sawdust and Nails

21. Build a Model

22. Tying it All Up

23. Sports, Sports, Sports

24. Be a Leader

25. Cub Scouting Core Values

ELECTIVES1. Space2. Weather3. Radio4. Electricity

5. Boats

6. Aircraft

7. Things That Go

8. Cub Scout Band

9. Art

10. Masks

11. Photography

12. Naturecrafts

13. Magic

14. Landscaping

15. Water and Soil Conservation

16. Farm Animals

17. Repairs

18. Backyard Gym

19. Swimming

20. Sports

21. Sales

22. Collecting Things

23. Maps

24. Native American Life

25. Let’s Go Camping

Just like the Wolf rank, during progress advancing to the Bear rank, a Bear Cub Scout earns Progress Toward Ranks Beads. After the first three achievements, the Bear Scout is awarded a Progress Toward Ranks patch. It’s a diamond with a plastic thong attached and a red bead attached to one end. It is worn on the button of the right shirt pocket. Each time the boy completes three achievements he will receive another red bead. After he gets his fourth red bead, he will receive his Bear badge at a pack meeting. The gold Progress Toward Ranks Beads are awarded during progress advancing to the Wolf badge.

The Bear Scout Uniform consists of the Blue Cub Scout Shirt, the Bear Neckerchief and Slide, the blue Cub Scout belt, and the Bear Hat. In addition to these, a Scout can wear Cub Scout Pants or shorts as well as Cub Scout socks.

A commonly completed achievement for the Bear rank is Achievement Number 19 (Shavings and Chips). In this achievement the Bear Cub Scout learns the proper handling and usage of a pocketknife. With his Den Leader’s and parent’s consent, a Bear Scout may earn his Whittling Chip card. The Whittling Chip card allows a Cub Scout to carry and use a pocketknife at Scouting events. A Cub Scout must carry a signed whittling chip card at all times that he has a pocketknife at a Scouting event.