Tiger Cubs

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Tiger Cubs is an exciting program for first-grade boys and an adult partner. Tiger Cub dens meet twice per month (plus the Pack meeting) and follow the Tiger Cub Motto of “Search, Discover, Share.” The Tiger Cub den has four to eight families as members, and each family takes turns hosting a meeting or outing. Each meeting is based on a theme that the group selects in advance, which is found in the Tiger Cub Handbook.

The Tiger Cub Den Leader (one adult member of the den) leads the Tiger Cub den. Tiger Cubs take part in the monthly Pack meetings, where all of the dens and their families come together for fun, recognition, and fellowship.

A Tiger starts out by earning the Tiger Totem by:

  • Learning the Tiger Cub motto: Search, Discover, Share
  • Learn the Cub Scout sign
  • Learn the Cub Scout salute

Once he earns the Totem, to earn the Tiger Cub rank, the Tiger Cub Scout must complete a Family Activity, a den Activity, and a “Go See It” Activity in each of five Achievement Areas:

  1. Making My Family Special
  2. Where I Live
  3. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
  4. How I Tell It
  5. Let’s Go Outdoors
As he completes each Achievement, he is awarded a bead at a den or pack meeting which is hung from the totem.

  • He earns a WHITE bead for each required FAMILY activity.
  • He earns an ORANGE Bead for each required DEN activity.
  • He earns a BLACK bead for each required GO SEE IT activity.

After completing the fifteen Achievements, the Tiger Cub is awarded the Tiger Cub Patch. The patch is sewn on the Blue Cub Scout Uniform shirt or placed in a plastic holder worn on the left shirt pocket.

Also, after completing the achievements, the Tiger Cub can be awarded Tiger Track Beads, which are YELLOW disks attached to the Totem. One bead is awarded for each group of TEN Electives the Tiger Cub completes. A boy can work on both Achievements and electives concurrently, but he can’t receive Tiger Track beads until he has earned the Tiger Cub badge.