Wolf Cubs

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A Cub Scout who has completed first grade (or is age 8) works on twelve achievements to earn the Wolf badge. After he earns his Wolf badge, a boy may work on electives in different interest areas until he crosses over to the next rank. For every ten electives he completes, the boy earns an Arrow Point. The boy may earn as many Arrow Points as he wishes. The Wolf Scout works out of a Wolf Rank Book. The Wolf Rank and Electives are awarded at a Pack Meeting in a special ceremony.

ACHIEVEMENTS1. Feats of Skill

2. Your Flag

3. Keep Your Body Healthy

4. Know Your Home and Community

5. Tools for Fixing and Building

6. Start a Collection

7. Your Living World

8. Cooking and Eating

9. Be Safe at Home and On the Street

10. Family Fun

11. Duty to God

12. Making Choices

13. Cub Scouting Core Values



ELECTIVES1. It’s a Secret

2. Be an Actor

3. Make it Yourself

4. Play a Game

5. Spare Time Fun

6. Books, Books, Books

7. Foot Power

8. Machine Power

9. Let’s Have a Party

10. Native American Lore

11. Sing-a-Long

12. Be An Artist

13. Birds

14. Pets

15. Grow Something

16. Family Alert

17. Tie It Right

18. Outdoor Adventure

19. Fishing

20. Sports

21. Computers

22. Say It Right

23. Let’s Go Camping

Wolf Rank Badge
During progress advancing to the Wolf rank, a Wolf Cub Scout earns Progress Toward Ranks Beads. After the first three achievements, the Wolf Scout is awarded a Progress Toward Ranks patch. It’s a diamond with a plastic thong attached and a gold bead attached to one end. It is worn on the button of the right shirt pocket. Each time the boy completes three achievements he will receive another gold bead. After he gets his fourth gold bead, he will receive his Wolf badge at a pack meeting. The red Progress Toward Ranks Beads are awarded during progress advancing to the Bear badge.

The Wolf Scout uniform consists of the blue Cub Scout Shirt, the Wolf neckerchief and slide, the blue Cub Scout belt, and the Wolf hat. A complete uniform is shown below. In addition to these, a Scout can wear Cub Scout pants or shorts as well as Cub Scout socks.